Our website has gone live, still in early stages of construction.


About world rainbow caravan

We are an open rainbow caravan travelling from the world gathering in Espirito Santo, Brazil (leaving in March 2012) to the next gathering in Guatemala (arriving in November 2012), creating mini-gatherings on every full moon on the way, connecting and giving energy to self-sufficient communities along the way and performing spectacular shows in the towns and cities we pass through.

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  1. wow! finally it happened…the page! ….so now i know ….how and where i can find you
    i see jungle …rainforests …. waterfalls….light….and happy excited motivated people
    the living prophecy….
    im happy to meet u again in nature…wherever it will be….-peru equador -colombia
    on the way to mexico
    hugs of love** * * ***

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  3. Hola
    No está mal este sitio. Alguno de los post no me gustan demasiado, en
    cualquier caso, la gran mayoría están bastante bien.

    A seguir asi!

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