Our consensuses


We have built this intentional community from scratch through consensuses made in caravan vision councils at the Brazil gathering. These consensuses are on the one hand the cornerstones of our communal existence, but as we are all allergic to rules they must also be seen as nothing but flexible guidelines. Common sense and the natural flow of group energy will always prevail.

The consensuses include:

  • The caravan will follow basic rainbow guidelines in communal spaces, such as in communal vehicles, communal tents, our kitchen and around the sacred fire. This includes:
    • We want to be free from alcohol, chemical drugs, electronics and meat.
    • We are non-violent and we want to be free from weapons.
    • Only wood in the sacred fire.
    • We make decisions by consensus in talking circles.
    • Everyone is welcome to come and go as they please. The caravan is completely open.
    • We have no leaders, we are all responsible.
    • We share a great environmental responsibility. We must do our utmost to minimise our environmental impact wherever we are.
    • We want to be free from commercialism internally in the caravan.
    • No photos in communal spaces unless specifically pre-arranged.
    • Unlike most rainbow gatherings, the caravan allows dogs. We have also opted for full openness on the internet in order for family to connect with us.
  • We are collecting money internally from caravan members and also from external sources to buy one or more communal vehicles. Whoever buys a share in a vehicle will receive a proportional amount, whether gain or loss, when the vehicle is sold (most likely in Colombia as it’s very expensive to ship vehicles to Panama). Owning a share in a communal vehicle does not give any special rights in terms of usage. Where and when the vehicle goes and who and what goes in it are communal decisions.
  • Any vehicle must be accepted through consensus before it can become communal. Private vehicles can also join the caravan but only communal vehicles will receive money for petrol and maintenance from our magic hat.
  • Magic hat, our communal money, will go towards:
    • Organic, non-industrial, integral vegan food, as far as we can help it. (But we will accept food donations of anything other than meat.)
    • Basic, natural medicine.
    • Petrol / diesel, oil, basic vehicle maintenance, insurance when required. Repairs to be considered on a case by case basis.
  • The first full moon, on March 8th, will be celebrated at the site of the Brazil gathering or nearby. We will leave the site no later than March 9th. This gives us more time to prepare our show and to organise vehicles.
  • We will create a gathering in Alto Paraiso, Brazil, for the April full moon. (This gathering will probably start 1-2 weeks before full moon and end the day after full moon in order to give ourselves more time to travel what’s probably going to be the longest leg on the journey the moon after.)
  • Our overall route is as follows: Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, (El Salvador?), Guatemala.
  • We will gather in Panama for the full moon of August 31st. (This early consensus will help the family in Panama to organise their national gathering to coincide with the arrival of the caravan. It also gives the Rainbow Peace Fleet, a group of sailboats, a rough idea when the caravan wants to cross the sea from Colombia to Panama – early August! As we will probably have to sell our vehicles in Colombia, we invite North American caravans down to Panama for this gathering to meet us and help us get to Guatemala!)

About world rainbow caravan

We are an open rainbow caravan travelling from the world gathering in Espirito Santo, Brazil (leaving in March 2012) to the next gathering in Guatemala (arriving in November 2012), creating mini-gatherings on every full moon on the way, connecting and giving energy to self-sufficient communities along the way and performing spectacular shows in the towns and cities we pass through.

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  1. 2011 USA National gathering was Washington state..Hopefully we can stay on this side for 2012. Oregon is spectacular…

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