Centro de Comunicação


Aho Familia! After some discussion, it was visualized that creating a system to communicate internally & electronically was necessary for our Caravan. We decided (kind of, we were walking to Ibitirama and we were running late for the show) that Facebook would be the most powerful tool.

The group is an “open” group, so anyone (meaning the world, aka global community) can view the posts and contents by the members. The not-so-surprising twist is that only members can post. Thus it is a fully transparent system for our caravan community and global community. I’ve made a link to this Facebook group at the top of this blog, so… c’est fini, et laissez-les bon temps rouler!


About Szpenszer

I'm a lot of things right now : ) An artist, engineer, divinator, polyglot, historian. I freed myself three years ago when I quit my job and began my travels. Since then, so much has happened. Every day is another chance for me to learn and grow from the universe.

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