Setting off!


Hi all!

Martin here. For the last six years I’ve been writing a blog (which will become a book) about my life on the road and I thought it would be a good idea to continue writing here on this worldrainbowcaravan blog in order to share our experience with the world. I’m writing personally and subjectively about everything that happens and everyone in the caravan can do the same if they want. However, as it seems like I am one of the few caravan members actually doing so, the subjectivity of my posts could give the wrong impression. It might seem like I’m “the voice of the caravan” which of course is not the case.

So… I have decided to remove some of my writing and put it on my own personal website instead, Go there and click on “Blog” if you want to know the details of what’s going on in the caravan. I will, however, still try to post shorter, more objective, informative posts here on the worldrainbowcaravan website to keep you updated.





About world rainbow caravan

We are an open rainbow caravan travelling from the world gathering in Espirito Santo, Brazil (leaving in March 2012) to the next gathering in Guatemala (arriving in November 2012), creating mini-gatherings on every full moon on the way, connecting and giving energy to self-sufficient communities along the way and performing spectacular shows in the towns and cities we pass through.

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  1. Ahoooooo family!!
    I´m Fran from Chile… and the Universe…
    I was at the rainbow gathering in caparaó (old Yoko, contact-impro. “clasess”) .. I came to Chile to see my “blood” family and prepared another little peace of theater to travel to Guatemala.. I have energy to join the caravan, maybe i´m going to Ecuador in May to contact a “special princesstar”, and I can meet you there.. oh family!! yuuupi!! …
    My country is suffering so much and I want to stay here a little bit to pass all the love (that the Family and Mother Earth gave me this years travelling) and the message of hear the silence in our hearts and spirits to united, to be one with us and with the rest of beings in the planet… somos 1 galeeeraaaa!!!
    So, I have a lot of energy to give and to receive… I hope we see in the way… I´m building the reality to be there in that dates… but we never know… jejeje..

    We keep in touch!! Gratidao irmaos!!!
    toda la mejor bendiZion del mas alto !!!


    (fb:Fran Achondo… no se mucho de internet pues..)

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