We are in the north of Colombia looking for a way to Panama. Most of us are still in Santa Marta but we will all be in Cartagena very soon. We have just come out from the amazing Colombian rainbow gathering, the first in history. We already have scouts in Cartagena looking for boats for about 50 people and 3 vehicles. We are now all together – the combi Jurema and the main part of the caravan which was created at the Brazil gathering, the Rainbow Healing caravan with the van Namaskar, and finally Jonas and his crew and van are arriving shortly, they’ve been lagging behind for a long time. Magic is happening all around, donations are coming in, we are playing our hearts out in streets, squares, villages, favelas, hospitals, schools, wherever we can. And we are still making consensuses for world peace when we do shows. We have to tackle ‘the big bottleneck’ of the Darien Gap but everything is flowing and I have little doubt we’ll make it to Guatemala in time…


PS! A low-quality video of our theatre can be seen here:


About world rainbow caravan

We are an open rainbow caravan travelling from the world gathering in Espirito Santo, Brazil (leaving in March 2012) to the next gathering in Guatemala (arriving in November 2012), creating mini-gatherings on every full moon on the way, connecting and giving energy to self-sufficient communities along the way and performing spectacular shows in the towns and cities we pass through.

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