Monthly Archives: December 2012


We live our lives in the moment, we try to be as free from the internet as possible. For the most up-to-date information about the caravan and to communicate with us directly, try telepathy and magic. If that doesn’t work, please click on ‘Forum’ on this website. This will take you to a Facebook group we use for communicating between ourselves.

Today is December 13th 2012. We left the world rainbow gathering in Guatemala a few days ago, where the condor met the eagle as the north and south caravans joined forces. We are now a huge caravan consisting of a van, a bus, many hitchhikers and about 25 bicycles. Yesterday (12/12/12) we performed a ceremony at the Mayan ruins in Tikal before being escorted off the site by the police in a very peaceful way. We will arrive at the global rainbow gathering in Palenque, Mexico in a few days. Afterwards, in January 2013, it is likely that we will continue this amazing journey to the next world rainbow gathering in West Coast Canada in August 2013, passing by the US national gathering in Montana in the first week of July.

Come join us! See you in five minutes!

Luz, paz y amor
The world rainbow caravan