Below is a Google Map to better acquaint you with where we have been, and are going. Our route starts in the bottom right corner of Brazil.

Este mapa te ayudará a encontrarnos y acompañarnos dondequiera que estemos. Nuestra ruta comienza en la esquina inferior derecha de Brasil.

As our journey proceeds, this section will perhaps be updated with better descriptions and entries about our experiences in these places. For now, please enjoy our Googly Map : )


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    • Family, family, …. reading these blogs, put in such beautiful words there, Martin, I can feel how strong the energy has become.
      I left at a down point, which I don’t regret. I feel much better now, so it was the right choice for me.
      And reading what has become of the caravan, I am just amazed and so thankful, to know you people and be a part of your (and our) family, even though I might notbe travelling with you.

      I also wanna give out a very big THANK YOU for doing this. For making this vision become true. A world rainbow caravan, spreading love all over the continent – maybe the world, one day? Thank you.

      May you all be blessed. Sending lots of love and light and a little smirk 😉


  1. LOVE Famili Im Marko from the Croatian Rainbow Famili i couldentr make it for the gathering in Brasil but now Im in Boliwia and I would reali like to join the caravan so let me know where you are it looks that porto velho its the nearest point to met but let me know more im going to be round La Paz or Cusco in the next days so Love and Light and see you in five minits

    • Hey Marko! Sorry about the late reply… Right now we’re near Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brazil, and we’ll be circelling to make decisions about the future very soon. Perhaps we’ll make it to Peru for full moon June, who knows… Martin

      • I would love that. Considering the fact that I will stay in Cuzco all through June, and in Peru until the beginning of July. 🙂

  2. Hey Marko!
    Just read your post.
    I am in CUZCO, but I wanna go back to the caravan in a few days. I am not sure where they are right now. But I wanna meet them in Brazil. Do you wanna travel together? I think it would be nice!

    Leave me a message on – in any case, just so I know what you’re up to. Thanks!

    Excited to hear from you! luz y paz,

    Johanna 🙂

  3. Hola hermano

    I’m English family. I want to meet up with you guys for the Cusco gathering. I’m in Lima at the moment. I could come to rio Branco but I’ll then be backtracking to cusco.

    So I think it would be good to meet up in Cisco. Do you have directions to the gathering or a contact at Cusco that I could have?

    Gracias. I wish you security, passion, intimacy, compassion, creativity, insight and wisdom.


  4. Yes, come to Cusco, we’ll get there in a few days. Directions to gathering:

    — RAINBOW @ PERU —
    LARES, al norte de CALCA. provincia de CUSCO
    una vez que llegan a lares, pregunten como llegar a CHOLPA. ahi es la chacra donde se hara el rainbow…
    nos vemos en 5.

    For more info talk to Hernando Nando on facebook.

    See you in 5!


  5. love family! I´m federica from italy. I´m in brasil now (bahia) and I want to go to the north and catch the carovana, how can I know where is it going?]

  6. Dear Ranbows!One of cheap ways to cross going from Cartagena to PortValdi,taking indigenous boat(Kuna)for about $100,or go thru other farer spots along the bay to the end and there are some cheaper options..Im in Panama City,waiting for you ,family-wheres the meeting point here,and when approximately?.Peace&Love,Sofia Rainbow

  7. love you family, this year i stayed home from traveling to be with our new baby baby 6 months moksha lovin
    love will i am

  8. hey,
    i’ve never travelled with the family before, but i would really love to do it! is it possible to just join the caravan? i’m in bocas del toro and i would try to make it to costa rica on thursday…oh and, sofia, who ever you are, are you still here?
    love to you and your wonderful project, janina

  9. Dear Rainbows!Where is exactly Fango in Costa Rica,and once there-where ,for how long you plan to stay?.Do you have some transportation,or use public,hichike?(Do you still plan to do some work on the way(shows,worshops,etc.?Do you camp out?.Im in David,Panama-an hour from the border with Costa Rica,and will try to get thru and find you..its raining a lot here..I will let go of my airticket (Panama-Guatemala),hope-its worth it-going with you,instead..Love,Sofia R

  10. Hey, rainbows, where are you exactly? I”m in Uvita now, and I have no idea how to find you. Are you still planning on leaving tomorrow? Love, Janina

  11. Dear Rainbows!Im now back to Panama City,at the Hostel”Hosptaje Cassco Vieho”..Couldnt get to Costa Rica,need a visa,as it urns out..I might just fly to Guatemala..I just found out,you were still at Hostel”Miami” just yesterday,and I mightve missed you again..Its like “Chasing a Rainbow..(thats never possible)On my way to P.C.I saw a beautiful Rainbow on the sky,instead..See you,perhaps,in Guatemala!Love,Sofia Rainbow

  12. as always, the way to find the most recent news about us is to check out the ‘forum’, link above, which will bring you to a facebook page where you can read and participate in all our internal discussions…

    we have just arrived in coban, guatemala, and tomorrow we will arrive at the actual gathering. some of us are still lagging behind, 2 vehicles should be entering guatemala about now.

    see you all in 5 minutes at the guatemala gathering!!!


  13. Hi Lovers.

    I’d like to know… there is the rainbow family at Argentina?

    I’m living here Buenos Aires I’d like so much to be in contact with them.

    Tks guys


    Rodrigo Veronese

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